Every night, you wake up from your dreams precisely at midnight. Can you break this cycle? 
The game features charmingly strange characters, realistic dog sounds (in text form), and four endings!

Odd One is a short game created for the Midnight Bitsy Jam.

CC music is "Is That You or Are You You?" by Chris Zabriskie.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, Dreams, Minimalist, Pixel Art, Surreal
Average sessionA few minutes


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late to the party but i played a dozen or so games in this game jam tonight and this one is my favorite of them all. a religious experience.

What a huge compliment! Thank you so much~ 

Gorgeous and already very special to me. Thank you <3

Wonderful, I'm glad you like it! Thank you!

The art, aesthetic, and tone all work together to make a really lovely experience. Thank you for making this!

And thank YOU so much for playing it and enjoying it! 


You've got an interesting way of telling dream sequences to your players without being cliché-ridden or by implementing over-used tropes. Each character felt like out of this world, but perfectly fitting in a dream - especially the bone dragon and the giant deer are my favorites! <3 That's why I wrote a little article about your Bitsy game and also created a playthrough video for it. Hopefully it will lead other people to try it out themselves. Thank you for this experience!

Best wishes,

Wow! I can't thank you enough for your kind words, and for getting my game out there a bit more! It's always fun watching others play my games. I appreciate all the time you spent on my little project. Thank you again!

You are very welcome, really. I'm glad that developers like you, who provide alternative kinds of gaming experiences, are existing. <3  Keep it up! :)

whoa this is really good! i love the big sprites and your art is so good!! man just i love it!


I'm happy to hear that you like it so much! Thank youu!

It's not easy in Bitsy Maker, but in my opinion, graphic style you used in the Odd One somehow feels really original.

Wow thank you. I'm glad you think so! 

I'm digging the palette. Really effective reuse of the background color in dialogue, too.

I've had the music looping in the background for like 10 minutes now. Very simple but perfect for the tone of your dreams.

I like the way you have one-way path branches. I think I only played through two, but they were very different. There was one room that let you fly up into the sky among the stars, which really communicates the idea that you're dreaming. The art backs it up; cool text and big sprites.

Potion cat!! =D

One typo: pungeunt => pungent.

Thanks for playing through a couple of the paths. :D 

It took me a solid couple hours just to pick out a music track that was suitable. Music does a lot to define the atmosphere, and it had to be just the right balance of relaxing and somber. Glad it seemed to work out! 

And thanks for catching that typo (not sure how I missed it); I'll get that fixed asap.

Potion cat!!

These multi-tile sprites are really impressive, great job!

Thanks a bunch!